Powergems Ballast EB241812P 12KW/18KW/24KW


Powergems Ballast EB241812P 12KW/18KW/24KW

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At 24,000W this is the highest power ballast available for the location lighting market. It is based on the same rugged, proven technology as our 18kW model.It is a very versatile product which can be used with 3 different lamp powers.Due to the additional cooling which is provided for 24kW operation, it can also be used as an 18kW ballast for high ambient temperature conditions.

Product Features:

  • Wide range of power options
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Use as an 18kW in high ambient temperatures
  • 300Hz output option

Additional information

Max Lamp Power 24000W
Output Power Options 24kW, 18kW, 12kW
Output Frequency Options 100Hz, Silent Mode (300Hz optional)
Input Voltage Range 195-265V AC
Current Draw 112A@230V
Power Factor >0.98
Dmx Built In Yes
Max Ambient Temperature 45°C/113°F
Width 330mm/13″
Height 555mm/21.8″
Length 490mm/19.3″
Weight 56kg/124lb